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BANNED IN FULLERTON! Click on excerpts from The Jabberwocky listed above. Or view The Jabberwocky, in it’s entirety, below.

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Ron Thomas had this to say, on December 3, 2011: “This woman is out of her mind, ‘Kelly is dead so that Ralph’s can stay in business…’ Carolyn Phillips needs to leave me and Kelly alone. She has sent many E-Mails to me and some others with the same kind of BS. If anyone knows who she is, please get her some help.” (Ron Thomas didn’t mention that I offered him the book as a gift to use for a fund raiser, nor that he didn’t bother to view it before he sent ‘Kelly’s Army,’ an attack pack of groupies, after me with a considerable amount of Internet harassment; an army of couch potatoes who never knew Kelly Thomas, don’t know me, and never bothered to view the book: Ron is in Corrections (AKA police work), figures.

Find out what those emails said! Read on, if you dare! (The suspense is killing you; so I’ll spill: it was one email, it said, “I know something about Kelly, the book that I wrote is all yours if you want it, have your sysop send me a destination for the blurb account; widget attached.” Which is a pretty generous offer, and would be well received by anyone who is not trying to hide something; someone who is trying to hide something would go into a tail-spin imagining that I know what that something is. After Ron’s attack pack of couch potatoes pelted me and The Jabberwocky with boatloads of libel, all over the Internet, I sent a second email offering the book, via a blurb widget, again, and I stated that the “something” is a fact, which is not immediately apparent to the casual observer: Ralph’s would go out of business without ‘homeless support’ charities to palm off their past date food on, at full value: Incentivising the perpetuation of a disenfranchised class. To date, none of Kelly’s army have bothered to view The Jabberwocky. Why would they when following in Ralph’s goose steps is so much more lucrative. History repeats itself; be it blacks, Jews, or the Homeless, there will always be a subjugated class, and there will always be justifications for the perpetuation of disenfranchisement: The reason will always be money. –Carolyn
OCCUPY THE 501c3 NON PROFIT CHARITIES: Stop the exploitation of ‘the least of these.’
RALPH’S WROTE OFF KELLY THOMAS’ LIFE, in the name of the all mighty tax write off.


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Ask someone who knows:

                                                           “Oh sure she looks nice,

                                                           but don’t make her mad!” -Busy Bee-Otch

The Jabberwocky: Now Available at Blurb.com bookstore for Christmas!

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Free Tibet Books: 12 Volumes: Coffee Table Art Books; fact based (scary) stories of outrage and fun. $199 or less. 12 volumes, 450 pages each: Radical Reconstruction Fine Art. Civil Rights issues for kids of all ages.

The Jabberwocky: Occupy the Borogroves

ART: The Gift Worth Giving; Turn Someone Isolated into Someone Connected.


“I started writing kids books, for all ages, when I realized that documenting police activities, without their permission, carried a mandatory prison sentence: exposing the truth about animals is not actionable.” In 2010, the Graber case changed all of that, when a Maryland judge decided that the police can no longer stick you in prison for ten years, as a tack-on, to a traffic violation, for recording your own arrest.

“I still like animals better.”

Read on (if you dare), you’ll recognize cops who you’ve encountered, mirrored in their doppelganger animal images. You might see some proselytizers, some sarcasm, and a lot of livid rants, that translate well from ‘Animal,’ into English. Enter the Borogroves where none dare go. The Radical Reconstruction of children’s books is long over due.” -CF Hill


As a resuming student, in later life, Carolyn Phillips attended law school, including an internship at CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility), a Stanford think tank, where she was mentored, by Bill Gates, “I agree with Bill, ‘…if you can buy a burger, you can get through the day,’ and maybe change the world. He said that, as he was kicking me out from under his feet: I was the intern. Everyone asks, ‘why cops,’ why not work on something bigger, like the environment?” -Carolyn Phillips

Q. Why fight City Hall? A. When you do something worth doing, you die having done something. It seems fairly obvious, and better than TV.

Besides, I didn’t like the alternative: “If you’re bored, get a job.” -Ed Crane III. He said that after he fired me, (from The Cato Institute: Libertarian Think Tank) for thinking. Here is what I think: Radical Reconstruction architects go into war zones to bullet proof human habitats with available materials, Radical Reconstruction Fine Arts people try to protect the vulnerable of society from police brutality and corruption by drawing it: to expose it and convict it in the court of public opinion. Bring it on Officer S. Marty Pantz.

-Bag Lady

Sharon O’Banion had this to say: “No one springs fully formed, from the sidewalk, homeless! What you get when you scratch the surface of the ‘Homeless Support Groups’ is more surface: Dig deeper; read The Jabberwocky.”



Hello world!

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Sara Baily had this to say: “Have you seen my dad? He hangs out in homeless communities: Please tell him that I am looking for him.”