Officer S. Marty Pantz on Homelessness

  You Are Going The Wrong Way!

“It’s all the same to me; I’m just doing my job. But, like I said, you are going the wrong way. Here is the problem with you inner urban birds, you want to depend on hand-outs, you want to live as blight, you do not want to better yourselves. Oh sure, go ahead and make your speeches about the disenfranchised, and the exploitation that is inherent in the capitalist structure, but I know what I see, and pigeons are the garbage disposals of society. They wouldn’t serve a bug depletion purpose if you paid them to, heck no, their purpose is to live off of the remnants of the other species. And what do they do with that surplus, they wallow in their addictions, is what. You’ve got your muffin junkies, your bagel seed addicts, and you’ve got your wonder bread whores. Oh, I’ve seen them, they take what you give them, and what they can steal, they trade it off and make exchanges, until they get a fix. It’s all about the high.” -WPD Officer S. Marty Pantz


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