On Kelly Thomas: Does Cuteness Have Value

To those of us who knew Kelly Thomas, cuteness has a great deal of value:

He was much loved.

On December 3, 2011, Ron Thomas posted to the Friends of Fullerton blog; Kelly’s memorial: “This woman is out of her mind. ‘Kelly is dead so that Ralph’s can stay in business.’ Carolyn Phillips needs to leave me and Kelly alone. She has sent many E-Mails to me and some others with the same kind of BS. If anyone knows who she is, please get her some help.” –Ron

Ron failed to mention that the two “E-Mails” offered him The Jabberwocky, as a gift, for a fundraiser, ‘…I know something about Kelly…Kelly was much loved.’ Nor did Ron mention that he never previewed the book, before his paranoia kicked in and he sent Kelly’s Army, an attack pack of groupies who feast on Kelly’s carcass, out after me, with a campaign of Internet harassment: an army of couch potatoes who never knew Kelly and don’t know me, and never bothered to view the book, before pelting me with death threats and aspersions to rival the treatment by Fullerton PD that resulted in Kelly’s death. Ron Thomas is in Corrections (AKA police work): figures. Life insurance, or conspiracy to eliminate inconvenient offspring, either way Kelly’s death is Ron’s gravy train. –Carolyn Phillips

Many are divided over the issue of Cuteness & Fluffiness.

Nor is the verdict in on ‘fluffy,’ as an aspect of cuteness, although it has been resolved that ‘bushy tailed’ adorableness is of value, to those who profess to hold all that is adorable in high regard, without consideration for cuteness, per se. Many debate the value of bushiness over the value of cuteness, but thus far the jury is undecided. Perhaps a facebook survey is in order, or we could just replace facebook, and it’s many dimensional cuteness with something sober and serious minded, something from Stanford perhaps, (anything): Replacebook? F—facebook, Macefacebook, or Wastefacebook?


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